What Exactly Goes into Manufacturing Feed for Animals?

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animal feed manufacturersWith the rapid rise of animals being raised for production more and more animals are being raised in feedlots instead of in pastures. These animals are kept mostly indoors instead of being kept outside for the majority of the year, and we are giving them feed that has been specially formulated to speed up their growth and bring them to “market weight,” while still supplying them with the nutrients that they need to survive. This also minimizes the cost to those operators that are raising the animals.

Animal feed is specially formulated by a nutritionist to provide all the necessarily balanced nutrients needed for proper development, growth, and maintenance. These feeds that are used are designed to compensate for the supplements and nutrients that may be missing from their natural diet.

These feeds are heavily regulated by the government to ensure that the animals that are eating them are getting nothing but the best of the best. To begin a career working as an animal nutritionist, you will need extensive schooling; at least a bachelor’s degree will be required, but depending on the exact job you want to hold you may be required to obtain a doctoral degree of some kind.

There are regulations, which care governed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and they are responsible for the enforcement and implementation, that must be followed. There are also numerous certification programs that are available for additional regulation and compliance.

Once a recipe has been formulated for the feed, the ingredients are then mixed together. This mixing process is extremely important because it will determine the final outcome of the product. The ingredients that are used in animal feed manufacturing can either be dry, liquid, or moist.manufacturers animal feed

The dry ingredients are mixed together first, and then those are followed by any supplements, such as vitamins and minerals. If a wet or moist ingredient is going to be added it will be done at the very end so that it can act as a bonding agent.

Once the feed has been mixed according to FDA regulations, it will then need to be packaged. The animal feed manufacturers will then need to determine how to safely ship the feed to its destination. If the feed is going to a retailer, then it will need to be packaged and tagged with the proper federal and state labeling regulations.

Per regulations, labels will need to list what ingredients are being used in the feed, list how the feed is to be used, and how you are supposed to administer the feed safely also. Some state regulations will also require that labels guarantee analysis, any warnings that might go along with the feed, and manufacturer information.

The process that goes into safely making and distributing animal feed is an extensive and heavily regulated one. When animal feed manufacturers work on providing the best possible feed to their customers they make sure they are using the best ingredients available to them, and adding supplements when and where they are needed.

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How to Remedy Mold and Fungis from Your Home

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Everyone knows the dangers of having mold in our homes. Mold is naturally occurring and is never actually completely gone. But mold needs to be remedied and kept within natural and acceptable levels so that it does not make us sick.

How Can You Determine If Mold Is Present in Your Home Mold RemovalHouse?

There are a few ways to tell if you have mold in your home. One of them is noticing a musty smell. Fungus has a distinctive smell, and if you find that you are able to smell it in your home, chances are that you have mold hidden somewhere. Another way to tell if you have mold is if you begin exhibiting symptoms of allergies suddenly. Mold spores are airborne, and after inhaling them, they can make you start showing signs of an allergic reaction, such as red and puffy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose.

If you do discover that you have fungus or mildew in your home, you should probably have it tested. Having a mold test performed will give you an idea of the number of mold particles that are in the air at a particular time. It is important to remember that mold spores will fluctuate over time, so it is a good idea to test at different times of the day and in different areas so that you can get an accurate reading.

What Are the Different Types of Fungus?

Fungus Removal And InspectionThere are three main types of tests available for mold testing which are surface testing, air testing, and also bulk testing. It is recommended that you have all three types of testing done because each type of testing has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Surface testing will involve taking samples from around your home to determine the amount of mold spores and growth in your home. Air testing will test the air in your home for the same thing. And bulk testing will require that items are taken from the home to be tested. Each test offers their own pros and cons lists, which is why it is recommended that all three be performed.

Removal and Testing

Mold testing will not only be able to tell you if you have mold in your home, but it could help in locating where the mold is. Because mold likes to grow in dark and damp places, it can sometimes be difficult to find and underneath your carpet. Fungus testing can help you narrow down where the mold could be hiding because you will be able to measure which areas have the highest concentrations of mold spores.

Before you decide that you need to have a test done, though, you should have an inspection done first. If a mold inspection discovers that there is mold in the home, then there might not be a need to have testing done, unless you are looking to have the particular type of mold identified.

There are plenty of fungus inspection places that you can contact if you feel that you have mold in your home. Keeping our loved ones healthy is paramount, so make sure you are searching for the best of the best.

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What Is the Real Cost of New and Used Tires?

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When looking at the cost of tires, there is a lot that goes into determining which ones will be the best bang for your buck. If you are looking strictly at the price tag, you might not care what one tire holds over another. But you should consider the terrain that you will be driving on, how long you want your tires to last and the driving that you do.

Brand New Car Tires

If you know that you are someone who spends most of their time on the highway, you will want a tire that holds up better to higher speeds. The cheaper tires might seem like the smarter buy because they are obviously less expensive, but they might be meant to be driven on city streets for the majority of their life.

The premium tires are going to be your better purchase because their lifetime is going to be longer, and they are going to be a better quality tire, thus ensuring that they are more up to the daily task of driving at high speeds.

Most tire retailers offer some sort of special when you buy all four tires at one time. Some offer a free rotation, others offer a dollar amount off the final price, and some offer things such as free oil changes for a set time. These incentives can come in handy, especially when you are looking at spending a couple of hundred dollars at one time. But you should also be aware that not every place offers deals, and that even if they don’t, the benefit of having brand new tires significantly affects the way your car drives.

Comparing the Cost of New Vs. Used

Your premium tire purchases are going to last much longer than your cheaper used tires, simply for the fact that they are going to be a higher quality product. If you are looking into buying a new highchair for your baby and you have two choices, one that costs $25 and another that costs $50, you are going to look at what each one offers. You find that they offer the same, but one is made of cheaper, thinner, metal, while the other is more sturdy and durable. Most people will go with the more expensive highchair because they know that the quality is far superior and that the product will last them much longer.

With tires, the same is true. The big difference is that you cannot see that one tire is more durable and sturdy, you just have to go off the Choosing to buy new or used tiresspecifications. If you are not a mechanic, then these will seem like a foreign language to you, which is where an experienced salesperson will be able to offer their expertise to you and help you make the best decision. Prior to making your trip to the nearest mechanic, search the internet to see if you can schedule an online appointment first. This way you can be in and out.

Whatever decision you come to on the purchasing of your new tires, know that you have many options available to you. You can always go online and check consumer reviews and you can ask the sales rep to give your their honest, unbiased opinion on which ones will suit your needs best.If you decide that you cannot afford to spend $150 a tire for four tires at this very moment, but that you can afford $80 a tire and you are confident that the tires will do the job you need them too, then buy your new tires.

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Radon: Test Your Home to Keep Your Family Safe

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What is Radon and should you be testing your home?

Radon is a grave and deadly poisonous gas. It can cause potential health hazards to anyone who breathes it, especially in mass quantities.

If you are looking into purchasing a new home, this might not be the first thing that you think about. Making the mistake of overlooking radon levels that are found in your new home can harm you and your family. This gas is caused by soil and rock disruption of uranium. These can be some very complex elements and are very dangerous and damaging to the human body.Landauer Nordic Radonmätning

Radon can cause serious health-related problems, the most common on which being cancer. Even though cigarettes still take the number one spot in causing the mass majority of cancer cases, radon has now become the second leading cause of most cancer cases seen. The number of cases that end up resulting in death has recently been estimated up in the tens of thousands a year.

Picocuries (or pCi/L) is the measurement system that is used when testing and trying to detect radon levels in your home. The EPA states that this is considered dangerous if you see anything higher than a rating of 4 pCi/L.

Many times we will hear people searching for a new home ask if testing the radon level is necessary? Of course, radon testing is absolutely essential. You wouldn’t purchase anything without making sure that it worked properly first. The same idea can be applied here.

Too often do we see new home owners excitedly make their large purchase and be stuck with a literal death trap in the process. Radon is now found in homes as much as faulty wiring. Do not leave yourself unprotected.

This has become such a regular occurrence that they now test for radon in office buildings, businesses, and schools for that matter. The protection of individuals against this radioactive substance is the first thing that we recommend you check.

There are plenty of ways to check for radon levels. You can test these levels using the radon detection kits. Another very common way would be to hire a home inspector who will most likely have the tools needed. Most stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s should have an area in their store dedicated to radon detection kits. These helpful little packages can tell you if radon exists in the air you’re breathing. They can even go as far to tell how much radon is in your school, home, or business. If you are planning on doing a home test for radon exposure, remember to test the first floors. The exact levels can be found better this way with less room for error. The brand I would recommend would be the Landauer Nordic Radonmätning due to their high satisfaction rating.

When it comes to the safety of your family, your students, or your staff, protecting them is the number one priority. Make sure to test regularly (about once a month) to ensure the best air and the best health of those who depend on you.

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Cleaning Hard to Remove Carpet Stains

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Hard to clean carpet stains

Stains on the carpet are pretty much unavoidable in daily life. Drinks get spilled, foods get dropped, mud gets tracked in by the pets, etc. Now, I am a stay at home mother of four, which is exhausting enough already. But I also happen to be a freelance artist in my spare time, even as little as that is. One morning a few years ago, when my kids were still all very young, I woke up to all four of them hurling my $40 acrylic paint at each other in the living room. My only comfort as I sat on my hands and knees scrubbing the expensive rainbow liquids from my eggshell carpet was that the oldest of my wonderful brood had just enough common sense to take off everyone’s pajamas first.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time this kind of thing has happened, and I’m confident it won’t be the last. Life is just messy like that, especially when you have kids or pets. Or a goofball for a husband like me.

Thankfully, this is where professional carpet cleaning agencies come in. I am in no way recommending this for every mishap or just for daily maintenance, but hiring a professional for deep cleaning every few months might be a fantastic idea.

What Is the Cost of Getting Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Pricing will vary widely among companies, and it might seem like they cost more up front, but think of all the time and money you will be saving by having someone else do the work for you. Just trying to find the right shampoo for your carpet can be time-consuming and a waste of money with how many different types and brands there are to choose from, and don’t get me started on how you actually use them.

Hiring a professional can eliminate a lot of stress. They have access to much more powerful equipment and cleaning products, and they are already trained on how to use them. They can typically lift unsightly stains and annoying odors much easier and faster.

If you’re considering hiring a carpet cleaning company, here are a few things you might want to do beforehand:

Carpet Cleaning Pro ServicesTake a few minutes to go over any baseboards and HVAC registers quickly. It won’t necessarily hinder their work but clearing these areas of any debris will help make sure your carpet doesn’t immediately get dirty again with the air flow.

Move furniture if you can. Most companies will move couches and tables and other things at no cost (generally excluding more valuable things such as beds, electronics, china cabinets, etc.), while others will charge a fee, and some will ultimately refuse to move anything. Always be sure to ask about furniture when scheduling an appointment.

Move fragile or expensive items to a safe space, such as in a locked room or your car. Quality carpet cleaning agencies will thoroughly vet their employees, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Try to pin up in bedspreads or drapes with clothespins so that they are not touching the floor and in the cleaner’s way.

One last thing to keep in mind is pointing out areas of concern, such as high traffic spots, any existing stains or smelly areas of the carpet so that they aren’t missed.

Overall, if you can’t find the time or energy deep clean your carpets due to work or familial duties, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service might be a good idea for you.

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Rating Agencies Problem Put to Spotlight

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Let’s say that you want to lend a company some money, not from the goodness of your heart of course but to gain something out of it. You lend that money by buying bonds-pieces of paper with the amount lent, the runtime and the interest rate. They get the money; you get the paper. When the arranged time has passed, you get the money that you lent plus a little something on the top. But no risk no fun. If that company goes bankrupt, your money is lost forever. So before you lend your money and invest in a company what you really need to do is find out if it is securely afloat or going under. But how on earth are you going to do this?

Introducing Credit Rating Agencies



Digging through mountains of data, digging out old articles and talking to people that may or may not have any connection with that company’s financial situation isn’t the best way to go about it.  Because analyzing financial papers isn’t particularly fun, why not go to a company that whole offers these kinds of services? These business experts analyze the bond issuer, and after running all the numbers, they give it a credit rating. Triple-A means your money is safe, while C and D pretty much mean that your money is gone. Rating agencies are considered as the foundation of finance. Without them, investors are basically blindfolded, and their investment’s success would be determined by sheer luck and chance.

Where the Problem Occurs

Being everyone is depending on rating agencies to predict whether a certain company’s financial situation will go up or down, rating agencies gained power. When everybody believes that a lower rate interest is an unprofitable investment, nobody wants to buy it. At least not with the low-interest rate, so the rate interest of that company goes up. This is what makes paying pack that money a lot harder for companies. So if a rating company “feels like it” it can make a smoothly running business go bankrupt within the blink of an eye. The same rule applies for countries. That’s why every time agency downgrades a country’s credit rating it becomes a major new story.

But credit rating isn’t as solid as people might think. This became painfully clear after the financial crisis of the 2000’s. It all revolved around shoddy mortgages that were bundled, repackaged and sold again. In this eyes of rating agencies, this repackaging was enough to transform junky mortgages into a really safe investment, which they weren’t. And because everyone trusted the rating agencies they believed led to being gold until it all blew apart and became transparent. This had a major impact on the economy, an impact from which many companies, as well as states, are having difficulties recovering from. This is exactly why it’s important to rely on our own business assessment of the situation, as it is the only way to have control over our actions.


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Eliminate Streaks from Traditional Mops by Using a Steam Mop

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Bissell Steam MopsWe all remember the dark ages of having to pull out the buckets of hot water, add soap, and wring out the old-fashioned string mop; these were not fun times. Technology is a beautiful thing and has brought us the wonderful thing known as a steam mop. Having a steam mop in your home is wonderful, especially if you have tile or hardwood flooring.

Most steam mops advertise that they get their water to 200 degrees to clean your floors. This means that just using water alone is killing more germs and mildew than your old-fashioned string mop because most water heaters in our houses only get water up to 120 degrees.

After moving the water from the sink to the bucket, and then getting that water on the floor, you are usually working with water that is only 100 degrees. Everyone wants to kill as many germs as possible, so having a steam mop that promises to heat the water to 200 degrees is absolutely an upside over the old mop.

What Type of Floors Can You Use Steam Mops On?

Manufacturers of these steam mops claim that their products are safe on sealed wood, tiles, various types of hard flooring and vinyl. Make sure though that before you use your steam mop on your flooring that you check the directions to ensure that it is safe. Also remember that if you have old hardwood floors that you will want to make sure that there are no cracks in your flooring where water could get in and damage your flooring. Furthermore, these steam mops should not be used on carpeted flooring.

Symphony Bissell Steam-MopWhen it comes to cleaning your pads from your steam mop, most require that you empty the reservoir of water first. You will need to remove the pads before they become too dirty, because after a while you will just be pushing dirt and grime around your floors, and let’s be honest here, that is doing no good to anyone.

The trickiest part of owning a steam mop is washing these pads that collect the dirt from your floors. If you are like me, you will not want to put them in the washer with the rest of your laundry, but the idea of standing over the sink and hand-washing them doesn’t seem overly appealing either. So you will have a decision to make; wash your pads by themselves, wash them with other laundry, or hand wash them in your sink.

There are many different models out there to choose from when it comes to deciding which steam mop to buy. If you want something that can reach into small areas, you will want to consider purchasing one that has a removable head so that you can use it as a handheld steamer. If you are more concerned with longevity, you will want to look into getting one that has a larger tank so that you can clean bigger areas at a time.

Whatever the reason for purchasing a steam mop buy the one that fits your needs the best. I myself love my Bissell steam mop, which I bought based on the bissel symphony review. However, if you find that another brand is better suited for your needs then go that route. Either way, steam mops are an excellent addition to your home cleaning needs. Below is a video of 2016’s best steam mops.

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