What Exactly Goes into Manufacturing Feed for Animals?

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animal feed manufacturersWith the rapid rise of animals being raised for production more and more animals are being raised in feedlots instead of in pastures. These animals are kept mostly indoors instead of being kept outside for the majority of the year, and we are giving them feed that has been specially formulated to speed up their growth and bring them to “market weight,” while still supplying them with the nutrients that they need to survive. This also minimizes the cost to those operators that are raising the animals.

Animal feed is specially formulated by a nutritionist to provide all the necessarily balanced nutrients needed for proper development, growth, and maintenance. These feeds that are used are designed to compensate for the supplements and nutrients that may be missing from their natural diet.

These feeds are heavily regulated by the government to ensure that the animals that are eating them are getting nothing but the best of the best. To begin a career working as an animal nutritionist, you will need extensive schooling; at least a bachelor’s degree will be required, but depending on the exact job you want to hold you may be required to obtain a doctoral degree of some kind.

There are regulations, which care governed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and they are responsible for the enforcement and implementation, that must be followed. There are also numerous certification programs that are available for additional regulation and compliance.

Once a recipe has been formulated for the feed, the ingredients are then mixed together. This mixing process is extremely important because it will determine the final outcome of the product. The ingredients that are used in animal feed manufacturing can either be dry, liquid, or moist.manufacturers animal feed

The dry ingredients are mixed together first, and then those are followed by any supplements, such as vitamins and minerals. If a wet or moist ingredient is going to be added it will be done at the very end so that it can act as a bonding agent.

Once the feed has been mixed according to FDA regulations, it will then need to be packaged. The animal feed manufacturers will then need to determine how to safely ship the feed to its destination. If the feed is going to a retailer, then it will need to be packaged and tagged with the proper federal and state labeling regulations.

Per regulations, labels will need to list what ingredients are being used in the feed, list how the feed is to be used, and how you are supposed to administer the feed safely also. Some state regulations will also require that labels guarantee analysis, any warnings that might go along with the feed, and manufacturer information.

The process that goes into safely making and distributing animal feed is an extensive and heavily regulated one. When animal feed manufacturers work on providing the best possible feed to their customers they make sure they are using the best ingredients available to them, and adding supplements when and where they are needed.

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Radon: Test Your Home to Keep Your Family Safe

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What is Radon and should you be testing your home?

Radon is a grave and deadly poisonous gas. It can cause potential health hazards to anyone who breathes it, especially in mass quantities.

If you are looking into purchasing a new home, this might not be the first thing that you think about. Making the mistake of overlooking radon levels that are found in your new home can harm you and your family. This gas is caused by soil and rock disruption of uranium. These can be some very complex elements and are very dangerous and damaging to the human body.Landauer Nordic Radonmätning

Radon can cause serious health-related problems, the most common on which being cancer. Even though cigarettes still take the number one spot in causing the mass majority of cancer cases, radon has now become the second leading cause of most cancer cases seen. The number of cases that end up resulting in death has recently been estimated up in the tens of thousands a year.

Picocuries (or pCi/L) is the measurement system that is used when testing and trying to detect radon levels in your home. The EPA states that this is considered dangerous if you see anything higher than a rating of 4 pCi/L.

Many times we will hear people searching for a new home ask if testing the radon level is necessary? Of course, radon testing is absolutely essential. You wouldn’t purchase anything without making sure that it worked properly first. The same idea can be applied here.

Too often do we see new home owners excitedly make their large purchase and be stuck with a literal death trap in the process. Radon is now found in homes as much as faulty wiring. Do not leave yourself unprotected.

This has become such a regular occurrence that they now test for radon in office buildings, businesses, and schools for that matter. The protection of individuals against this radioactive substance is the first thing that we recommend you check.

There are plenty of ways to check for radon levels. You can test these levels using the radon detection kits. Another very common way would be to hire a home inspector who will most likely have the tools needed. Most stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s should have an area in their store dedicated to radon detection kits. These helpful little packages can tell you if radon exists in the air you’re breathing. They can even go as far to tell how much radon is in your school, home, or business. If you are planning on doing a home test for radon exposure, remember to test the first floors. The exact levels can be found better this way with less room for error. The brand I would recommend would be the Landauer Nordic Radonmätning due to their high satisfaction rating.

When it comes to the safety of your family, your students, or your staff, protecting them is the number one priority. Make sure to test regularly (about once a month) to ensure the best air and the best health of those who depend on you.

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What Is an SEO and What Do They Do?

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What does SEO mean? You might have heard the term SEO used in the past but never understood what it was. An SEO is someone who uses or manipulates the algorithms created by Google in order to get their web pages rank on the first page. They will use all sorts of tactics in order to rank a page such as linking to other sites and optimizing their pages to increase views to their target audience. A search engine optimizer will utilize the systems put into place by Google to make money. They will sell their services for a pretty penny to businesses in need of more clients. This can be a very time-consuming yet lucrative job.

Have you thought about being an SEO?

Strategies in Digital MarketingWorking primarily from home would seem like a significant benefit right? Some SEO’s end up working nearly a hundred hours a week because their job is always right there at home. With how much money there is to potentially make, work mode can be particularly challenging to turn off.

With that being said, if you are willing to put in the work and learn SEO techniques used then you just might have what it takes.

There are so many tools online you can use to find out more about Search Engine Optimization. Now, they even provide SEO schools online. For a small price, you can learn everything needed to become a modern day Digital Marketing Strategist. Since Googles algorithms are always changing and being updated, it can be very difficult to stay on top of everything. For search engine optimizers this could mean the difference between a few hundred dollar profit or potential hundreds of thousands. Again, it can be quite a rewarding job financially if you put the work in.

What are some techniques used?

SEO plugins for the backend of a website can make a significant difference when it comes to ranking. They use metadata to help provide more strength on the web page. Relevant information to what the user is searching for is essentially what Google wants. If you are able to provide a more relevant article or informative content on-page, then Google will be more likely to rank your site. It’s that simple. Using tools like these can prove to be as important if not more than backlinking to other websites.

Don’t get me wrong; backlinking is still incredibly important if you want to actually rank on the first page. There are many kinds of ways to Search Engine Optimization in 2017backlink but providing the strongest ones possible will entirely change the outcome for your site. If you are having trouble getting your site to rank and you’re very close to the first page, this can bump you right up to that number one spot. Many SEO’s use backlinking on a regular basis to provide more relevancy to their sites and make sure they stay on the first page once they get there.

So, if this is sounding like something you might have fun doing while sitting at home and playing video games, this just might be the right job for you. Be warned; there are a lot of SEO’s already out there so make sure you are ready before quitting your job to become an optimizer for search engines like Google.

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