How to Remedy Mold and Fungis from Your Home

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Everyone knows the dangers of having mold in our homes. Mold is naturally occurring and is never actually completely gone. But mold needs to be remedied and kept within natural and acceptable levels so that it does not make us sick.

How Can You Determine If Mold Is Present in Your Home Mold RemovalHouse?

There are a few ways to tell if you have mold in your home. One of them is noticing a musty smell. Fungus has a distinctive smell, and if you find that you are able to smell it in your home, chances are that you have mold hidden somewhere. Another way to tell if you have mold is if you begin exhibiting symptoms of allergies suddenly. Mold spores are airborne, and after inhaling them, they can make you start showing signs of an allergic reaction, such as red and puffy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose.

If you do discover that you have fungus or mildew in your home, you should probably have it tested. Having a mold test performed will give you an idea of the number of mold particles that are in the air at a particular time. It is important to remember that mold spores will fluctuate over time, so it is a good idea to test at different times of the day and in different areas so that you can get an accurate reading.

What Are the Different Types of Fungus?

Fungus Removal And InspectionThere are three main types of tests available for mold testing which are surface testing, air testing, and also bulk testing. It is recommended that you have all three types of testing done because each type of testing has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Surface testing will involve taking samples from around your home to determine the amount of mold spores and growth in your home. Air testing will test the air in your home for the same thing. And bulk testing will require that items are taken from the home to be tested. Each test offers their own pros and cons lists, which is why it is recommended that all three be performed.

Removal and Testing

Mold testing will not only be able to tell you if you have mold in your home, but it could help in locating where the mold is. Because mold likes to grow in dark and damp places, it can sometimes be difficult to find and underneath your carpet. Fungus testing can help you narrow down where the mold could be hiding because you will be able to measure which areas have the highest concentrations of mold spores.

Before you decide that you need to have a test done, though, you should have an inspection done first. If a mold inspection discovers that there is mold in the home, then there might not be a need to have testing done, unless you are looking to have the particular type of mold identified.

There are plenty of fungus inspection places that you can contact if you feel that you have mold in your home. Keeping our loved ones healthy is paramount, so make sure you are searching for the best of the best.

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Cleaning Hard to Remove Carpet Stains

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Hard to clean carpet stains

Stains on the carpet are pretty much unavoidable in daily life. Drinks get spilled, foods get dropped, mud gets tracked in by the pets, etc. Now, I am a stay at home mother of four, which is exhausting enough already. But I also happen to be a freelance artist in my spare time, even as little as that is. One morning a few years ago, when my kids were still all very young, I woke up to all four of them hurling my $40 acrylic paint at each other in the living room. My only comfort as I sat on my hands and knees scrubbing the expensive rainbow liquids from my eggshell carpet was that the oldest of my wonderful brood had just enough common sense to take off everyone’s pajamas first.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time this kind of thing has happened, and I’m confident it won’t be the last. Life is just messy like that, especially when you have kids or pets. Or a goofball for a husband like me.

Thankfully, this is where professional carpet cleaning agencies come in. I am in no way recommending this for every mishap or just for daily maintenance, but hiring a professional for deep cleaning every few months might be a fantastic idea.

What Is the Cost of Getting Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Pricing will vary widely among companies, and it might seem like they cost more up front, but think of all the time and money you will be saving by having someone else do the work for you. Just trying to find the right shampoo for your carpet can be time-consuming and a waste of money with how many different types and brands there are to choose from, and don’t get me started on how you actually use them.

Hiring a professional can eliminate a lot of stress. They have access to much more powerful equipment and cleaning products, and they are already trained on how to use them. They can typically lift unsightly stains and annoying odors much easier and faster.

If you’re considering hiring a carpet cleaning company, here are a few things you might want to do beforehand:

Carpet Cleaning Pro ServicesTake a few minutes to go over any baseboards and HVAC registers quickly. It won’t necessarily hinder their work but clearing these areas of any debris will help make sure your carpet doesn’t immediately get dirty again with the air flow.

Move furniture if you can. Most companies will move couches and tables and other things at no cost (generally excluding more valuable things such as beds, electronics, china cabinets, etc.), while others will charge a fee, and some will ultimately refuse to move anything. Always be sure to ask about furniture when scheduling an appointment.

Move fragile or expensive items to a safe space, such as in a locked room or your car. Quality carpet cleaning agencies will thoroughly vet their employees, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Try to pin up in bedspreads or drapes with clothespins so that they are not touching the floor and in the cleaner’s way.

One last thing to keep in mind is pointing out areas of concern, such as high traffic spots, any existing stains or smelly areas of the carpet so that they aren’t missed.

Overall, if you can’t find the time or energy deep clean your carpets due to work or familial duties, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service might be a good idea for you.

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Find a Carpet Cleaning Service in Atlanta

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Having clean carpets is something that everyone wants to be able to enjoy, and having the peace of mind that they are clean is important. Cleaning your carpets offer many health benefits such as removing trapped pollen. Dirty carpets can hold in all sorts of nasty pollutants, and simply vacuuming your carpets is just not enough to remove them. Also, toxic airborne gasses can stick to the particles and be released into your home through everyday tasks like walking on your floors.

Carpet Cleaners AtlantaDirty carpets that are in high humidity areas run the risk of developing mold. Mold can also grow when it has been wet outside, and the moisture is tracked into your home and not quickly dried and vacuumed up. Making sure that your carpets are clean protects you and your entire families health.

If you are like me and you want to ensure that you and your family are safe from unhealthy carpet conditions, you would probably want to know what the best methods of obtaining clean carpets are.

When trying to decide which carpet cleaning is going to be the best, you should remember that are different ways to clean your carpet. Determining the best way to clean your carpet will depend on the cleaning that you require. Atlanta carpet cleaners give a few examples of how to get the job done.

Carpet Cleaning Methods to Try:

  • The most commonly used method is simply just shampooing your carpet. This process is fairly simple, but it is also the least effective. This is because a special cleaner is applied to the carpet, one that smells excellent, and then the carpets are given a little scrub. After this, the floors are vacuumed.Atlanta Carpet Cleaners
  • Another option for carpet cleaning is using a method that is called bonnet cleaning. This method is often used in office settings though because they have industrial grade carpeting. This form of cleaning, because of the type of carpet that it is meant to be used on, is not suitable for cleaning floors in your home, though. In this process, a chemical is placed on the floors, and then a rotary machine is used to pull the dirt from the floors with an absorbent pad.
  • Carpet manufacturers recommend using what is called hot water extraction to thoroughly clean your carpets. Hot water extraction is when you inject a cleaner into the carpet and then streams of hot water to force the dirt and cleaner back out of your carpet. Then, the water is vacuumed back out of the carpet, and it will finish air drying.
  • You can do hot water extraction at home, yourself. Some people, like myself, have purchased carpet cleaners to keep their home clean. Another option, one that is very popular, is to contact a carpet cleaning company and have them come out to your home to do the work for you. They can use a carpet cleaner like yours, or they can use truck mounted equipment which is much more powerful and will get your floors even cleaner.

In the end, there are plenty of ways to get your carpets clean. If any of the self-help methods happen to fail you, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your local carpet cleaners.

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