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More About Native American Miniature Silver Seed Pots...

As an art form, these miniature Silver Seed Pots draw on the ancient tradition of ceramic containers that protected the seeds of agricultural plants on which people's lives depended. Following in the more recent tradition of miniaturization, these silver vessels represent the work of some of the finest silversmiths working today.

A long history of beautiful ceramic vessels made by American Indians, inspires the artists who make these silver seed pots. These exquisite miniature works of art incorporate design elements from traditional Navajo and Hopi pots, textiles, and baskets, as well as other sources. The artists who create them bring together the best of two worlds, taking designs that were previously in the domain of American Indian potters, weavers, and basket makers, and adding to them their modern talent for working with silver, gold, and stones. They bring their experience as designers and makers of fine jewelry to these jewelry-like miniature works of art. While not functional, the pots contain the spirit of traditional vessels made by the artist's ancestors. These vessels continue an ancient heritage of storage pots that were more than simply utilitarian objects - they incorporate elegant silhouettes, precise exterior designs, and the occasional surprise of interior decoration or embellishment.

The Heard Museum, in Phoenix, Arizona, internationally renown as a repository of authentic Native American Indian art and artifacts has recently acquired and placed on display a collection of more than 240 miniature silver seed pots by more than 70 contemporary artists.

Now you too can acquire and display these marvelous miniatures in your own collection. Sierra Madre Trading Company is pleased to offer magnificent miniature silver seed pots from four of these outstanding Native American Silversmiths.

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