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Seri Indians

Seri Indian Women Indian Basket Makers

     The Seri Indians live in two small isolated villages where the desert meets the sea on the mainland coast of the Sea of Cortez, in Sonora, Mexico.
     Seri women traditionally made and used baskets to store and transport everything: fish, meat, clothing and even water. Today basket sales make a significant contribution to their economy.
     Women gather the branches of the Limberbush  (Jatropha cuneata), separate it into long fibers and painstakingly create these beautiful tightly coiled baskets noted to be among the best in the world.
     The first sculpture of Ironwood (palo fierro) is attributed to a Seri, Jose Astorga, in the 1950's. The Seri carve this dense, heavy hardwood into highly polished, finely detailed works of art, revealing an intimate association with their natural environment.

Map of Seri Land

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